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Scarlet is a 4-year old spaniel x lab. with hemorrhagic gastro enteritis; old rat poison was chief suspect.

My little Scarlet is now much better than she was when I phoned Mike early one evening. At the time Scarlet was in a very bad way!

I had just returned from my vets. He had given vitamin K to stop the internal bleeding, an anti-sickness jab and an antibiotic to stop any infection, plus more to use at home. He had wanted to keep her overnight on a drip to renew fluids in her.

This I declined due to me animal experience and ability to nurse her. Also Scarlet’s temperament was not ideal to be left in the state, somewhere she didn’t know. I was fairly certain she would given up.

Within a short time Mike arrived. His ability to connect with her and the rapport he has is such a gift and wonderful to watch, as she chose the remedies she needed.

I cannot thank him enough for his fast response to my request for help for her. I feel it is so sad that so often modern medicine for animals, or humans, is confined to the products of large companies leaving out a whole wealth of natural / traditional complementary therapies.  These have been around for years and years working very successfully in their own right.  They are so powerful in the hands of a skilled therapist.

It is my belief that Mike made a very big contribution to the very good outcome for Scarlet.

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