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The cat in question Monty, who had been delivered to the local vets by some distant relatives of his owner.  They didn’t really know her. She was a lady of 87 who had died.

What was Monty’s story? How long had he been with her?

How long was he left alone?

He was delivered to the vets with some money to ‘be put to sleep!’ The Vet and our neighbour wanted a home for him.

The lunch time visit from the neighbour was 1.15 p.m.  I went to see him at 4.15, a big black and white cat with huge paws and a very loud purr.  He came home at 6.15!

This was to be the eighth cat to share a residence with me. So, I felt I had some affinity with them and I knew I had to make adjustments.  Monty, however, was a different type of chap. He was distressed. He hid behind the sofa. If he saw traffic in the road (through the window) he ran behind the sofa. If he saw people outside the house (through the window) he ran behind the sofa. If the door bell rang he froze.

Night time was even more distressing for him. He howled. Night after night.

He was stroked. Fed. Fussed. Warm. Loved. However, this wasn’t consoling him.

Concerned, I phoned Mike. He was round that afternoon.

Mike arrived with his bag of tricks! Monty thought the herbs and oils were quite tempting. He circled the room a few times with Mike sitting quietly and patiently talking to him and explaining no one was going to hurt him and offering oils and dried herbs. After a while you could see some of the tension leave Monty. Mike was re-assuring and Monty felt re-assured.

The next visit was much the same but with Monty a little more accepting of Mike’s. He seemed to know that this man had come to help.  Ultimately he relaxed completely as can be seen in the photograph leading to this article.

I sat in on both with Mike and Monty sessions and was truly touched and moved by the experience.

Monty is now a happy, well adjusted member of the household who is convinced that he is in total charge.

I both thank Mike and recommend him to anyone who has any concern about their four legged companion.