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So when we returned from a brief trip in Wales a couple of weeks ago, all was not well with Ted. His behaviour was totally out of character for example he would lie down with his back to us or skulk into a corner, standing for some time. His tail was  now  permanently  tucked  into between  his  back  legs  He  couldn’t  settle

comfortably in any one place for more than five minutes. His paws dragged along the floor and his neck was stiff resulting in very slow movements. His ears were hot to the touch and they appeared to be extremely sensitive. I also noticed that his coat had visibly changed in just a few hours from soft/glossy to coarse/matt.  He was still interested in eating but definitely did not want to drink. Outside walks on the lead resembled that of an elderly dog. He simply wasn’t interested in anything it seemed.

His life-force appeared to have completely vanished.  

Fortunately, my dear friend Sue was able to recommend animal therapist, Mike Griffiths. We spoke and arranged a visit the following day. Interestingly just before Mike was due to arrive I observed Ted facing the door as if waiting for Mike to arrive!  Mike acknowledged that Ted had visited him during a healing session, saying that was overwhelmed and couldn’t take anymore. He gave Mike a sideways glance and then snorted a few times before venturing over towards Mike.  He moved slowly across his legs before stopping to be touched on his back.  

Mike offered Ted various bottles of essential oils to sniff, initially he paced around the lounge but then he seemed able to relax in front of Mike and ingest the oils as they were offered in turn. Rose Absolute and Sandalwood appeared to have the most effect, putting Ted in a deep hypnotic state. Mike was able to determine easily the emotions associated with each oil.  Ted was also offered Arnica, St John’s Wort and Rosehip oils which he lapped up enthusiastically!

The most amazing shift occurred in Ted within a couple of hours following Mike’s departure.  When my son, William and his friend arrived home; Ted was wagging his tail, dancing around – the transformation was just incredible and we’ve not looked back since – thankfully!

Mike intuited that I should have a healing session too since I was Ted’s immediate parent and some blocks have subsequently been removed.

Ted had a follow-up session this week and Mike was delighted to witness Ted’s good health and vibrancy.

My deep and grateful appreciation for Mike Griffiths and Zoopharmacognosy.