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Animals have evolved to cope with potential threats including disease and injury, and as a result have developed solutions to restore health by self-administering medicinal compounds naturally found in the wild.

Applied Zoopharmacognosy is the art of enabling domestic and captive animals to self-medicate effectively in environments without these therapeutic plants and other substances. Offering appropriate secondary compounds (such as essential oils, macerates and dried plant material) for self-selection allows the animal to be in control of its own health.

The modern application of the therapy has been pioneered by Caroline Ingraham.  She originally trained as an aromatherapist some 28 years ago but gradually came to the conclusion that the work also had applications, not just for humans, but for the whole of the animal kingdom. At first she concentrated on equines but later extended the therapy to other companion animals.

The basic rule of the therapy is that the animal always has control:  

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